Choosing Stamped Concrete Colors

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Choosing stamped concrete colors is, many times, the most difficult part the project for customers.

So you’ve decided on stamped concrete for a patio, sidewalk, etc. and you’re ready to get the project started. But now the problem is choosing between so many colors and patterns. How do you want the finished product to look? Obviously, it’s mainly a matter of opinion and we all have different tastes. But let us enlighten you on a few things that may help decide and possibly avoid some heartache.

The darker the color, the hotter it will be in the sun. This is especially important for pool decks and patios where you may spend a lot of time barefoot. Also, the use of antique release will usually darken the overall appearance, which means you probably want to go a shade lighter than your first instinct.

When it comes to colors, your contractor will probably hand you a chart with as many as 30 to 60 colors on it. This can be overwhelming, but you could easily spend way too much time with those charts. Most people can narrow it down to 3 or 4 colors right away. Of course you want to pick a color you like, but there are several things to consider before coming to a final decision.

Don’t try to match any colors of the surroundings because it won’t happen. It will just end up clashing. Instead, pick colors that compliment the house or whatever structures the concrete is close to.

There are many uncontrollable variables that affect the final shade of stamped concrete colors such as temperature, wind speed, humidity, and sunlight. This is especially true with integrally colored concrete. Because of this, the actual color will never exactly match the chart. If you can narrow your choice down to a few similar colors, then pick one and don’t waste time second guessing yourself.

Some colors are more expensive than others. The more intense the pigment, the higher the cost.

Looking at photos is probably the best place to start so you can see the colors on actual concrete. But remember that pictures can be very deceiving. Pictures will differ in colors from one computer to another. Also, whether or not the photo was taken in sunlight makes a huge difference.

The above photos are two different shots of the same patio. They were taken at the same time. The first one was taken in the shady part of patio and the other on the sunny side. There appears to be quite a difference in colors between the two when there really is no difference at all.

When choosing stamped concrete colors, it’s easy to get too picky or be too indecisive. Keep in mind that the goal of most stamped concrete is to mimic natural materials. If you were to use natural pavers instead, there’s not that many color choices. You’ll drive yourself crazy if you get too caught up in color selection.

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